Sunday, June 12, 2016

Well Hello There!

From 23 May 2016

Baptism of Lorena
Dearest Everyone,

Is it really May already?  I feel like Christmas was yesterday... All is well and good in Mexico City, and not too many crazy things have happened this week.  We went on divisions, and Hermana Aguilar came with me and it was cool to learn from her persective, because she´s one of the Latina Hermanas who is normally in the Visitor´s Center, but got to come out to the field this cycle. She loves it, and has a unique vision and work-ethic because of her time in the Visitor´s Center (and becuse was born in Mexico and understands some things better!).

Lorena's baptism:  The sun was REALLY bright
In other news, this week we got to help Lorena get baptized, which was a REALLY cool experience.  She´s really the last member of her extended family (on the side of her husband) to get baptized, and she decided to do it because of the example of her 12-year old son and 13-year-old daughter.  They´re both active members of the church and invited her to come because they want to be sealed in the temple as an Eternal family (a family that extends beyond this life).  Anyway, all of the neices and nephews sang at the baptism, and the two kids spoke, an the Spirit was very strong.  It was a special day for this whole family :)

Today we played volleyball and ninja as a district, and made "pastel impossible" (imposible cake) with Minerva, our neighbor.  It was lovely :)  We´re going to go out and knock-em-ead this week, and I´ll let you know how it went in "8 días".  (in Mexico, there are 8 days in the week, not 7.  Ok, not really, but it´s what they say instead of "in a week").

Do wonderful things with your lives this week, and (if you have a moment) read the talk from Elder Uchtdorf from this last conference--it´s just lovely!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

 English spelling just really doesn´t make any sense

Pedro and his kitty-cat "Tigress" (and a few other dogs, they have about 6.. I think...)

Zone Anáhuac!  With the mission banner

District volleyball and ninja :)  Also, sometimes the little timer on cameras is REALLY hard

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