Sunday, June 12, 2016


From 16 May 2016

Zone Conference
Dear Family,

I know you probably don´t want to hear this, but not much has changed this week.  Right now we´re in an internet business thing and the guy behind the counter is watching youtube videos and singing at the top of his lungs (yes, in english)  :) We had zone conference this week, and we worked really hard in our area, and that´s about the biggesst news.

So I´ll skip right to the spiritual thought! So, I finished Doctrine and Covenants (FINALLY, YES, I read REALLY slowly) and I was reading the Declarations at the end of the book.  In these declarations, President Woodruff declares, basically, that Heavenly Father will NEVER permit his prophets or servants to lead us astray.  He won´t do it.  His plan is to lead us back into His presence, and He has the power to do just that.  I just realize that the most beautiful thing about the gospel is that it lines up and makes perfect sense.  The doctrines line right up, and if we know one simple thing, we know all the rest.  (eg. testimony of the Book of Mormon, testimony of Joseph Smith, testimony of Jesus Christ, living prophets, etc.)

Anyway, Heavenly Father makes sense.  

I hope you all have FANTASTIC weeks and that you do WONDERFUL things every day, and then you tell me about how it went!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

P.S. Marta's response to pictures of Levi's swimming and prom:
    "That child. Your little baby is just growing up SO fast.  Wowsers."
    "Oh my goodness.  They are just TOO darn cute :)"

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