Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dearest Fam

From 30 May 2016 

I´m still HERE (in Olivos, that is)!!!  It´s a lovely feeling :)  Hermana Woodard and I are getting a third cycle here, and we are STOKED because this is going to be an AWESOME time.  We are both hitting our year-marks, President Anaya is leaving and President Nauman is coming (changes in mission Presidents are surprisingly big events), and there´s a whole bunch of other exciting things happening as well :)

This last week was lovely, and in spite of being sick, we got a lot of work done, met and taught some new people, and we helped our little friend Danna get baptized :)  It was a happy day!  Also, rainy season has started, so we got stranded twice, and the chapel flooded once this week :D  We were going to have a lesson at the church, but first we had to clean up the 1.5 inches of water that were in the entry-way and a couple of classrooms.  The good news is that carpet is pretty rare in Mexico (for this reason) and water doesn´t do much damage to tile.  And we did eventually get the water cleaned up, and we had our lesson :)  

Also, here´s a funny tid-bit: when we fill up the baptismal font here, we use a LOT of water.  Because we don´t really get it that dirty, the church uses it to water the lawns outside of the chapel.  So the grass is LITERALLY greener when a lot of people are getting baptized.  It´s pretty exciting :)

not the pig seen, but an internet image that
confirms, this does happen!
Other exciting things that happened this week: we got sick (and toughed it out), our mission President called us up one day and dropped his wife (Hermana Anaya) off with us to go on visits for a couple of hours, and we saw a pig the size of a pony in the middle-section of the divided highway in front of our house :) It was being shepherded by two dogs (no humans) to who-knows-where.  Mexico continues to surprise Hermana Woodard and I every day.

Have a truly fantastic week, and don´t forget to read the scriptures because "the words of Christ will tell you all things, what ye should do."

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

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