Sunday, June 12, 2016


6 June 2016

Dearest Everyone,

This week has been CRAZY to say the least.  We´ve had meetings, zone-changes, investigators getting dropped, other investigators getting found, and everything in between!  Here´s one of the most exciting, inspiritional events of the week:  We were visiting a family who recently converted (Karla (11) and Carlos (Father of the family) got baptized in April, and their Elvia (mother) and Aldo (older brother, on mission) got baptized about 1.5 years ago) and talking about the importance of family scripture study, etc.  The next time we visited them, they told us that they were singing a hymn, reading a chapter in the book of Mormon, and saying a prayer EVERY NIGHT.  Isn´t that just beautiful?  As a mission it certainly is :)

In other news, we had a zone activity, Danna got confirmed on Sunday, and we got to go to the Visitor´s Center with some investigators.  It´s been crazy, but wonderful, and I am REALLY sorry, but I can´t send you all the pictures I have because of some technical difficulties we are having.  

So I will leave you with this thought from one of my favorite prophets, Mormon:  We are all in the hands of God, and if we´re doing what He has commanded us to do, we don´t need to worry about it!  All is well!  

Keep doing wonderful things, and be safe and happy!  (of course)
Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

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