Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dearest Everyone

From 27 June 2016

So we were walking around one day with our good friend Fernanda,
and we were gifted 3 giant cotton candies!   We (almost) finished them all!

Modern-Day revelation is literally THE BEST! 

So this week, we received our Liahona magazines that contain the General Conference from April 2016, and I was reading it, and it is THE BEST.  The only thing that made me more excited this week was getting new pamphlets about service in the church, and temples and families.  They are BRILLIANT and explain ALL of the things that are hard to explain as missionaries.  Basically, this church is guided by divine revelation, and Heavenly Father knows EXACTLY what we need, and when we need it.  I invite you all to review the April General conference, because it was FANTASTIC.  As a missionary, it´s especially helpful because there are some questions that exist in this day and age that the prophets 2000 years ago simply didn´t forsee.  Fortunately, prophets in OUR time are answering those questions.  It´s just the best.
Celebrating Hermana houghton's 1 year mark
with. . .ice cream!

Anyway.  This week our ward (which still doesn´t have a new bishop) got a little bit more mixed up.  One of the two remaining counselors in the bishopric moved today, and our Ward Missionary Leader got released.  The good news is that they called a new one!  His name is Ricardo, and we contacted him on the street  5 months ago (so he's a pretty recent convert!).  

Olivos House "before"
Olivos House "half-baked"
The party in-between

Also, we decided to rearrange the house.  We decided we just couldn´t live in such a cramped space, so we took apart beds, cleaned out dust elephants, and "ta-da!" we have WAY more space.  It only took about 5 hours!  Then we bought ice cream to celebrate.  So it´s been a pretty successful Pday :)

I love you all MUCHLY.  Keep keeping the commandments and following the prophet.  Those are really smart things to do :)

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

Our neighbors.  Hugo, training on his bike, and Natalia... in cleaning... hmmmm

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