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From 9 May 2016

Saying "Happy Mother`s Day" to Hermana Anthony,
who helps us out in the offices of the mission and
 is basically a Grandma to all of us here in Mexico
This week was full of adventures and (that`s right, you guessed it!) MIRACLES!!

No, seriously, Olivos is so full of miracles that it`s ridiculous, here`s just a few:
1) We've been working really hard to find new investigators this week, but we haven`t been very successful, and it`s been frustrating.  But sometimes, you just have to show Heavenly Father that you`re WILLING to work, and then He`ll send you the raw material.  So this week, after spending a whole day in meetings and helping one of the Hermanas move because she sprained both of her ankles and has to stay in the Visitor`s Center for 2 weeks, we got a message from our Bishop saying that his sister-in-law wanted to get baptized NEXT WEEK.  And she has already gone to church the required 5 times, so this week we are teaching almost every single night so she can get baptized on Saturday and be sealed with her family for eternity in one year.  WOW.  The truth is, Heavenly father is preparing people all around us to receive the gospel and we just have to be spiritually strong enough to help them out when they`re ready.
Post-skyping adventures (with Hermana Gris!)
2) On Sunday, some new investigators came to church with us and they really liked it
3) On Sunday afternoon a family that lives near the chapel showed up and they say they want to learn about and join the church.  WOW.
4) Yesterday my companion and I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to our AWESOME families and see how they`re doing!  
5) The wonderful journey we call life goes on!

Being hydrated when it`s hot (those bottles
 contain 1.5 liters, thank you very much!!)
mangos in Mexico are DELICIOUS!
Basically, Mexico is still a crazy place, but it`s also wonderful!  On a more spiritual note, I was really impressed by the importance of repentance this week.  Right now in the missionary department of the church, they`re putting a BIG emphasis on the topic, and consequently the recent guidance from our President has echoed the same theme.  What I learned is this: as missionaries and as a church, we work hard to help people in whatever way we can whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Our work is to "love one another, as Jesus loves [us]."  However, the end goal of EVERYTHING we do is to have whole families be able to return to the presence of Heavenly Father after this life.  Because of this, we don`t simply teach the principle of faith, we also teach repentance so that people can literally prepare to meet God.  Without repentance, we CANNOT reach this point of preparation.  So it`s pretty important :)  Anyway, I invite you all to look it up a bit this week!

The adventures continue here in Mexico, but we pray for you all each and every day, so I hope you`re doing wonderful things and recieving all the blessings that the Lord has in store for you!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

 Emptying the baptismal font with the district

 Pday Aventures:

Where the frisbee ended up

Where we ended up

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