Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dearest EVeryone!

From 15 November 2016


That´s right kids, we are in a NEW area (for my last transfer).  It´s called Pradera, Vergel, and it´s a great area, with a good ward and lots of investigators and progress!  The curious thing about these transfers, is that we are not actually living in our area!  We are, in fact, living on temple grounds, in a dormitory where the old Mexico MTC used to be. Now, our dormitory is occupied by 22 other Hermanas who all serve in the Visitor´s Center.  We are here because.....!!!... well, we´re still figuring that one out.  We´re the first field sisters to live in the dormitories, and it will certainly be interesting because of that.  The good news? We now have a full fridge, washers AND dryers (no more hand-washing and line-drying), and we live right next to the temple, which they are going to light up with Christmas lights in just a couple of weeks!

So it´s a party :)  Hermana Bracamonte and I are staying together for our 4th cycle (which makes us VERY happy!) and we are going to go out and knock the socks off of the people here in Pradera!
Life has been a bit crazy lately, but we are happy and working hard here in Mexico.  For those of you who were worried, no, I´m not trunky.  I´m too busy for that kind-of stuff!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and share your testimony with someone!

Hermana Houghton


From 8 November 2016

Last week (and the week before that, and this week) we have been going on a LOT of adventures, so I apologize for the lack of information/responses to emails.  Today, I shall repent and give you a full report of what is going on!

This past week, we were a bit swamped by meetings.  We had a 5-hour meeting on Thursday, another one on Friday, and then a 3-hour meeting on Saturday.  Now, we´re in a fun part called the "go and do" stage.  Basically, after being filled up with inspiration and good cheer during all of those amazing meetings, it´s time to go out and apply everything we learned, as we work in our areas as missionaries.  It is PRETTY exciting!  One thing that we talked about (again... so it´s REALLY important) is using the modern tools of internet and all of the amazing videos, photos, and messages the share the gospel through facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.  I really liked one idea (and I´ll share it with you as an invitation) of just looking through your list of friends on facebook and listening closely to the spirit to identify a person or two who you could send a message or a video or just a smile to.  It´s miraculously easy, and as we do it, we can learn better how to listen to and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. As Nephi explains in 2 Nephi 31 and 32, we ALL have the "tongue of angels" after we are baptized adn confirmed, which means that we can speak the words of Christ (aka share the gospel)!  Isn´t that amazing?  I think so.

In other news, I am heading into my home-stretch (last cycle) of the mission, which is a bit odd.  I still feel as if I just arrived in Mexico!  But that´s all okay because we´ve got a WHOLE lot of work to do here in Hidalgo this week, and in the weeks to come, even MORE!  Hermana Bracamonte and I really like to work hard, so that is good news, and we are excited!  Speaking of Hermana Bracamonte--SHE TURNED 21 THIS WEEK!!! We didn´t actually do anything very special on her birthday (Monday), but today we had a birthday celebration of sorts, and we went ice skating and ate ice cream--YUMMMM!  

Last week, we went to the City center and checked out the "day of the dead" celebration with some other hermanas.  It was interesting to see a bit of a culture-mix with some people dressed up as skeletons dressed in fancy clothing (traditional day of the dead) and also the people dressed up as pikachu, Elsa, and other more-american-themed things.  Anyway, it was really interesting (and there were thousands of people there!), and then we went and found an out-door artisanal market where we shopped around for a bit and then headed back to our areas.  It was an ADVENTURE!  Also, the week before, we went to the city center and saw a ton of "Alebrijes" (pronounced Al-eh-brie-hays) next to the Angel of Independence (classic Mexico City icon/monument).  They are a tradition that began here in Mexico City of weird animals that the artists basically invent and create out of card board and other materials. They were AMAZING.  I will send you a couple of those pictures :)

So that is what has been happening!  We also have been working with new investigators, we put on a ward activity, and we´ve been working on a project of checking ALL of the less-active memebers in our stake to see who really lives here still, and who does not.  It has been quite a project, but we´re finally wrapping it up.  

To finish off, here is a special thought from one of the many meetings we have had this last week:
When the work of the Lodr isn´t going forth as it should in the places we live, we need to remember that we are not part of the PROBLEM, but we are certainly part of the SOLUTION.  Heavenly Father sends us to where we are with His eternal goals in mind.  

Be safe and super-duper happy and do WONDERFUL MARVELOUS things this week!  Please!

Hermana Houghton

P.s. I´m just going to invite you all to see my google-drive which has a LOT of pictures from the last few adventures, so if you want to see the physical evidence of all of my adventures, you can check that out :)

Monday, November 7, 2016


From 1 November 2016

Foto de Distrito
I don`t actually have any time to write today!  So I`ll just let you know that I love you all, and I have been going on lots of adventures and working REALLY hard in your honor!

Hermana HOughton
Mission Conference

Hello Again!

From 25 October 2016

Dearest Everyone,

We need guidance from our Heavenly Father.  We need it every single day, and if we learn to SEEK it actively, we will be SO much more blessed in our lives.  I invite you all to pray for guidance, write that guidance down, and then DO IT.  And afterwards, you can report on what you did with it to our Heavenly Father.  That´s what I´ve been learning to do!  I really don´t have words to describe the amazing blessings of that process.  

In other news, we are here in Hidalgo, working hard!  Next week is Day of the Dead, and then... well, then comes November... weird.  Tomorrow Hermana Bracamonte and I celebrate our 1-year anniversary of being companions!  (haaapappppppyyyy :) ) Anyway, it´s going to be a busy week (#2) and we started it off pretty well.  

Today we visited a very touristy part of the city called "Reforma". This trip included a LOT of cool sights and pictures, but (of course) I can´t send pictures on this computer, so... you will have to wait.  One day...


Lots of love
Hermana Houghton


From 18 October 2016

we got REALLY tired one day... 
Dearest Everyone,

This week´s lesson has been rather deep and complicated, but the gist of it is this: If we want to receive guidance from Heavenly Father, we have to be willing to do what He tells us.  And it´s usually not the easiest/most comfortable thing to do.  Receiving Revelation (personal guidance from Heavenly Father by way of the Holy Ghost) is REALLY simple, and REALLY complicated.  (I´m still figuring it out, so I´ll leave the topic right there).

Sssooo, this week we had Zone Conference, Zone training, and we preached the gospel a fair bit as well!  It was good!  Today we played volleyball and kickball as a zone, and then Hermana Bracamonte and I started a water fight that we didn´t win.  That is what happened!  We also ate ice cream (old Pday tradition), and corn (new Pday tradition)--mexican style!  AAaaannnd life is crazy.  Time seems to be flying by, and each week goes faster than the last one!

So here´s the invitation to you all:  Sometimes we think that our missionary efforts have to be limited to ACTUALLY talking to people, but we live in a time and age where we tend to communicate more with our thumbs than with our mouths.  So.  I invite you all to share the gospel/your testimonies with those thumbs today!  Take a selfie with some missionaries near you, post a video from General Conference, or send a quick message to an old-time friend who you haven´t talked to in a while!  Do SOMETHING to share the beautiful light that the gospel has given us.

And have FUN!
Hermana Houghton

P.S. photos: 
we... ate corn!​

we had a zone activity! (and got wet!)