Monday, November 7, 2016


From 18 October 2016

we got REALLY tired one day... 
Dearest Everyone,

This week´s lesson has been rather deep and complicated, but the gist of it is this: If we want to receive guidance from Heavenly Father, we have to be willing to do what He tells us.  And it´s usually not the easiest/most comfortable thing to do.  Receiving Revelation (personal guidance from Heavenly Father by way of the Holy Ghost) is REALLY simple, and REALLY complicated.  (I´m still figuring it out, so I´ll leave the topic right there).

Sssooo, this week we had Zone Conference, Zone training, and we preached the gospel a fair bit as well!  It was good!  Today we played volleyball and kickball as a zone, and then Hermana Bracamonte and I started a water fight that we didn´t win.  That is what happened!  We also ate ice cream (old Pday tradition), and corn (new Pday tradition)--mexican style!  AAaaannnd life is crazy.  Time seems to be flying by, and each week goes faster than the last one!

So here´s the invitation to you all:  Sometimes we think that our missionary efforts have to be limited to ACTUALLY talking to people, but we live in a time and age where we tend to communicate more with our thumbs than with our mouths.  So.  I invite you all to share the gospel/your testimonies with those thumbs today!  Take a selfie with some missionaries near you, post a video from General Conference, or send a quick message to an old-time friend who you haven´t talked to in a while!  Do SOMETHING to share the beautiful light that the gospel has given us.

And have FUN!
Hermana Houghton

P.S. photos: 
we... ate corn!​

we had a zone activity! (and got wet!)

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