Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello Again!

From 25 October 2016

Dearest Everyone,

We need guidance from our Heavenly Father.  We need it every single day, and if we learn to SEEK it actively, we will be SO much more blessed in our lives.  I invite you all to pray for guidance, write that guidance down, and then DO IT.  And afterwards, you can report on what you did with it to our Heavenly Father.  That´s what I´ve been learning to do!  I really don´t have words to describe the amazing blessings of that process.  

In other news, we are here in Hidalgo, working hard!  Next week is Day of the Dead, and then... well, then comes November... weird.  Tomorrow Hermana Bracamonte and I celebrate our 1-year anniversary of being companions!  (haaapappppppyyyy :) ) Anyway, it´s going to be a busy week (#2) and we started it off pretty well.  

Today we visited a very touristy part of the city called "Reforma". This trip included a LOT of cool sights and pictures, but (of course) I can´t send pictures on this computer, so... you will have to wait.  One day...


Lots of love
Hermana Houghton

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