Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

Dearest Everyone,

Service is REALLY important.  This is something I learned this week, and it was reinforced significantly by the General Women´s session of conference this past weekend.  If we really want to be happy, follow Christ, have good relationships with others, and see miracles in our lives, we NEED to serve those around us.  I love doing little acts of service that will just brighten someone else´s day a TINY bit, but will make mine a whole lot more meaningful.  Things like leaving a note of encouragement for someone, making them food, or just chatting about something they love can make all the difference.  I´m learning that even more as a companion on the mission. It´s usually not easy to get to know a person and be with them 24/7, but as I focus on the needs of those around me more than my own, my life is suddenly full of joy and excitement, and I can be a better representative of Christ each and every day.

In other news, Easter was lovely in Mexico!  The church didn´t do anything to celebrate it this past week, which really surprised me, but I realized that we (as members of the church) don´t just celebrate it one day a year.  We celebrate it at least every week when we partake of the sacrament and remember specifically Jesus Christ and his life and death.  It made me realize, even more, how important this weekly ordinance really is for us.  

As for life, we haven´t had water (to flush, wash, shower, etc.) since Thursday, so today we went and got buckets of it from the corner of the street, washed our hair on the patio outside of our house, and then cleaned ourselves up with a "bucket shower".  We´ve heard that water won´t be returning for 2 weeks :/   Welcome to Ecatapec, Mexico.  

Also, today we made donuts at the house of member from the ward next to us (pictures to come) and then we ate them all.  Then, we went to the "Buenavista" mall with our neighbor/land-lady/member-friend and two other Hermanas.  It´s been a crazy day, and will be an even CRAZIER week!  
Be safe and do lots of wonderful things to get ready for conference this week!

Lots of love,

P.s. Elder Oaks is coming next month
P.S.s. we´re getting a new mission president (President Nauman) in July--two cycles away!
P.s.s. sorry, I will send the pictures next week!

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