Monday, March 14, 2016


2-4 (the price of)-1!!!  Yes indeed folks, this week we got a wedding AND  a baptism!  WE were SUPER-excited for our investigator Asuncion to finally meet his goal this week.  He´s such a humble, hard-working person, and even though he hasn´t had too much support from his family, he made the decision to make a LOT of changes in his life and follow Christ.  He is a living example of the miracles that we see here on Earth today.

In other news, yep, the Pope came and spoke to Ecatapec this week, and the only big difference we saw in my area were a lot of signs, a LOT of policemen out on the day he was going to drive down the main-road nearby, and a lot more partying and general excitement in the world.  No, we didn´t go to see him speak, and actually we had to be a bit careful this weekend because there were some safety issues, but everyone came out of the weekend just fine.  

OH!  ¡FELIZ DÍA DE SAN VALENTÍN!  Hermana Saylor and I celebrated by buying each other chocolates, and we´re going to have a big ward activity for it next week, but that´s about it!  In other news, we saw another miracle this week when I got really quite sick on Thursday, and then by Friday I was up and running and we made it to a bunch of appointments!  I got familiar with some home-remedies of medicine here when our neighbor (a member) came over and rubbed me with a salve, had me drink olive oil with lemon juice (quite a bit of it...) and some home-made tea, and then gave me some specific instructions for what exactly I needed to do to get better.  It was rather interesting, but I´m healthy now, so something must have worked!

Image result for christ feeds the multitudeAnyway, the spiritual thought for the week comes from a quote I read a couple of weeks ago.  This quote refers to a story in the Bible, when Christ feeds thousands of people with just a couple of loaves of bread.  The quote points out that all the people had to do was bring a single basket, and a loaf or two, and then they gave them to Christ so He could perform the miracle and multiply them so very many times.  Sometimes we get the feeling we need to be perfect to really serve Christ, but all He asks of us is that we bring our baskets along, and then hand them over so He can sanctify our efforts and our lives and make them so much more than they were before.  I know this is His church, and I´m doing His work.  

I love you all, and you´re in my prayers every day!  Be safe and make wonderful choices, and keep bringing your baskets!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

P.S. the computers here gave my SD card a nasty virus, so I´m not sure I´ll be sending any pictures in the near-ish future, but I´ll work on it!

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