Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Hermana Woodard and me selfie-ing on the Micro!
Dear Everyone,

This week, I´m going to reveal a Houghton secret.  #5.  Houghtons are pretty weird, and sometimes when we say something really often, we just give it a number so that we don´t lose time having to explain it.  #5 stands for "You just applied a scripture/doctrine-of-the-church to a normal/worldly topic that may or not be super-related to religion".  The truth is, we should always try to liken the scriptures and the principles and doctrines of Christ in our personal lives, in every situation possible.  When we´re feeling down and low, there´s one person and one place we can ALWAYS go to in order to find peace and answers.  Heavenly Father is ALWAYS listening when we send a short prayer his way, and the scriptures (the Book of Mormon especially) will ALWAYS have the answers from Him.  So really, #5´s are great. and we should seek them every day.

So this week, President Anaya surprised us with transfers!  In our mission, they don´t tell us until the night before if/where we will be going, and we weren´t expecting to get moved this cycle because I´ve only been here for 6 weeks.  However, on Monday night our leaders called at 9;30 to tell us that Hermana Saylor was being transfered to Valle, and at 9:00 the next morning, she was off.  Hermana Woodard is my new companion, and she and I are ready to work hard and share the gospel with all the poeple here in Olivos! 

Background on my new companion: Hermana Woodard is (sort-of) from California, but mostly from Connecticut.  She went to BYU for a year and was studying Special Ed. (no, I did not know her before the mission).  She likes laughing really hard, making friends with people we see all the time, and eating really spicy food. 

Ok.  Other funny things that happend this week:
1) I said good afternoon to a dog on accident
2) While I was waiting for Hermana Woodard to arrive, I was in a trio with two elders for an hour and a half (pictures to come soon!)
3) This week, 6/7 of the Hermana´s areas got switched up!

Ok.  That´s all for now folks!  Keep learning and growing, and always trust Heavenly Father, and it will work out just fine!

Lots of Love,
Hermana Houghton

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  1. Good job on staying faithful and doing what you are asked to do. Hermana Woodard looks and sounds like a pleasant and useful companion. Take good care of each other and find something else to say to the dogs.