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From 21 March 2016
 Hannía and her family

Dear Everyone,

Here´s a fun fact from Mexico: the public transportation (metro, metrobus, etc.) in Mexico city has been free this week, because the pollution is so bad that they don´t want people to drive anywhere!  Hermana Woodard and I are a bit suspicious that this very same pollution is the culprit for our inexplicable tiredness...

Hannía (9-year-old investigator who got baptized
on Sunday
) and Sandy (her 4-year-old sister)

Anyway, we´ve been working hard this week, and it´s been fun to see little miracles popping up left and right.  I think as a companionship right now, Hemana Woodard and I know how to work hard, and we´re ready to do all we can to help the poeple here in Olivos.  This means that we work hard ALL day, and we get home mostly exhausted and sleep like rocks.  It´s an exciting, and rewarding lifestyle, and we´re enjoying it.  We were very excited this past week especially to help Hannía, our 9-year-old investigator fulfill her wish and be baptized.  The baptism was a bit complicated, but she made it through in no less than 9-10 tries! 

Now, I want to take a moment to explain the sounds of Mexico City.  If you are living in this city, you are bound to hear a variety of noises outside at almost all hours of the day, and a few of the night.  Here are some of the most common:

1) Scrap metal collectors: they have a recording asking for used matresss, stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.  We usually hear it at least twice a day

Sometimes in Olivos, no one has water for a few days,
but we weren´t sure if we had enough for a shower,
so Hermana Woodard went on the roof to
check the tank.  (we didn´t have enough :( )
2) Water deliverers: Because the tap-water here is not good for drinking or cooking, you have to buy big water jugs every now and then for daily consumption.  They shout "AGUAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" as they walk down the streets.

 Se bought ice-cream-filled pineapples after playing
volleyball, and tag for two hours on P-Day.  It was lovely :)
3) Tamales: Sometimes the people selling tamales just shout "TAMALES" from their bicycle carts, and sometimes they have a recording that says"TAMALES, OAXAQUEÑOS, TAMALES, CALIENTITOS!  ACERCAESE SUS RICOS TAMALES OAXAQUEÑOS!"  It´s fun :)

4) Gas: Trucks pass through the streets selling tanks of gas, so if you need it, you just come to your door and then they bring it to you.

5) Trash trucks: They usually just ring really loud bells when they´re passing, and if you have any trash, you bring it out and pay them a bit to take it for you.

6) Ice cream truck: it´s usually the same music-idea that you hear in the U.S.

 Christian Donuts
7) Christian donuts--by far the most important.  It´s a bicycle cart that sells donuts  and plays "Alabanzas" as it goes up and down the streets around the city like this: "EL SEÑOR ES MI REY, ME TODOOOOOOO... EL SEÑOR ES MI REY, MI LUUZZZZZ!"  It´s excellent (see attached photo) and their  Empanadas de arroz are really good :)

We went to the CV with Miriam and Samaria, and it was awesome!  (CV stands for "Centro para Visitantes" or "Visitor´s Center".)  We take people there a lot to give them a really powerful experience and to let them see the temple.  Also, it´s awesome, because it´s only about a 40 minute Micro (type of bus) ride from my area

Ok.  That´s all for now folks!  Have a truly fantastic week, and don´t forget that Easter bunnies and eggs are WAAAAYYYY less important than the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us approximately 2000 years ago!

just a biiiiiittt late.  This is "Zona Anáhuac!"
Lots of love,

Hermana Houghton

 Baptism of Hannía (3/20/16)

Someone randomly gave us an Elsa cookie..

Divisions with Hermana Heywood and Hermana Mortenson!

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