Monday, March 14, 2016

¡Echenle ganas!

So this frame is actually from a ward activity that we organized a few weeks ago, but we havne´t been able to get a picture with it until now... but here it is!  I suggested the name for this activity, "Cuando Hay Amor" because it´s the name (in Spanish) of my FAVORITE Family home-evening song :D

Dear World,

There are some things in Spanish that probably don´t translate perfectly, but my title basically means to "give it all you´ve got!"  which is exactly what we´ve been doing this week.  I really appreciated the advice of our bishop this week who reminded my companion and I to enjoy and use wisely the time that we´ve been given to work 24/7 in the Lord´s service.  There are some parts of normal-ish life that I do miss, but when we´re working hard, there simply isn´t time to worry about anything else.  This week we´ve been working a lot to find new investigators and help a few others get all the way to baptism.  I´m so grateful to be here in Olivos, because our biggest challenges are 1) appointments falling through 2) figuring out who´s progressing and dropping those who aren´t and 3) arranging our appointments so we don´t waste hours of the day walking all over kingdom come.  Most missionaries will recognize these are really rather common and minor challenges, and I am so blessed to be somewhere where the field is truly "white and already to harvest".   It´s awesome!  Anyway, we´re still looking a lot for the people heavenly Father has prepared, and we just know that we´re going to find them.

Fun things from this week: 

1) making and eating tuna salad in the house almost every night (tuna, onion, salsa, tomato, and avacado)

We had divisions this week, and it was REALLY cold and
windy (like so windy, that they canceled schools and stuff)
but Hermano De La Peña sent this off to me :)

2) Divisions with Hermana Fuqua and Hermana Chavez, in the freezing wind and rain.  The city actually ended up closing schools and such because the wind was blowing things like bill-boards over. (and of course, since it was freezing outside--ok, so maybe it was 50 degrees plus wind-chill--we had to buy "pan" (pastries) and eat them as we walked all over kingdom-come.)

And this is our cactus/succulent :)  

3) Today we went on an adventure to drop off some baptismal clothes in the area next to ours, and we found some Monday Tianguies (it´s like a flea market combined with a farmer´s market combined with a garage sale) super-close to our area where we bought a succulent cactus that remains nameless, as well as all the fruits and vegetables we need for the week.

4) We were only street-contacted by 4-6 drunk men this week :D

In other news, Mexico continues to be a happening place.  Olivos is an awesome area and ward, and Hermana Woodard and I are enjoying the opportunity to work hard here together.  Life is a bowl of Pico de Gallo (which, BTW, means "rooster bite" in Spanish... roughly).  Have a wonderful week, and enjoy the sunshine, rain, or whatever weather Heavenly Father throws at you!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

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