Monday, March 7, 2016

Noticing Miracles

Olivos map time. . .It´s probably 2x1 miles ... ;)   
Dear Family,

I love a certain passage in the Book of Mormon where Moroni points out that miracles haven´t ceased among men, we just lack the faith to perform and see miracles.  Well, I just wanted to testify to you all and tell you that I have seen miracles this week, and I see even more when I fast and pray specifically for them.  Fasting is a really interesting gospel principle and commandment.  It has two purposes: #1 --to provide for the poor and needy (because when we fast, we donate a certain amount of money to those who need it) and #2-- to give us an opportunity to sacrifice something so we can receive specific blessings that we need in our lives, or that others need.   Since this last Sunday was Fast Sunday, my companion and I made a list of really specific blessings that we or our investigators need right now, and we dedicated our 24-hour fast to receive those blessings. 

Even though I was hungry, and a bit stressed during that time, I realized that as much as I need food to eat, I NEED the blessings of my Heavenly Father to help me through this life, and to make my time as a missionary effective.  I began to count the little miracles that Heavenly Father had given me in just a few short hours, and I realized how incredibly blessed I am as a person.  I want to invite you all to put some extra energy and time into fasting and praying this week, because we all need blessings, and they will come when we ask for them (see Matthew 7).

Baptism of Ricardo (March 5)
In other news, life in Olivos is very exciting!  We had a baptism this past Sunday for Ricardo, and we had a lot of ward support, and it was a lovely service.  Also, we were blessed to find some new investigators this week, and we're going to keep looking for more! 

Other than that, life in Mexico continues--it´s mango season, and mangoes are delicious and wonderful, and Hermana Woodard and I are very happy!  Ok.  That´s all for now folks--have an awesome week and be safe and happy, and try to notice the miracles in your life this week!
Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

We bought soccer jerseys because that´s what everyone wears  in Mexico  :)

Baptism of Asuncion (February 11)

 VAlentine´s day chocolate  

The day I was in a trio with Elder Flores and Elder Anderson!

My new companion--Hermana Woodard! 

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