Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"YOU are the real miracle of the church"

From 4 April 2016

                                                                GIANT grapefruit.  Tasty!

This week has been crazy, but full of little miracles left and right.  Here are some lovely examples:

Hannía, our 9-year-old investigator who got baptized 3 weeks ago, fell off the map, before getting confirmed a member of the church (this is a BIG problem, because baptism without confirmation is kind-of like washing dishes without rinsing them--it doesn´t work).  We went to her house, and the other people living there said that Hannía´s Mom had left with all the kids on Thursday, and they had no idea where they had gone.  AAAHHH!  Then, in an exciting turn of events, on Friday while my companion was in a meeting, one of the President´s assistants told us that he had found our convert!  Apparently, Hannía and her family showed up to church in another part of the mission this week and informed the missionaries there that she was missing the confirmation.  WE sent all of the records and such right on over, and we´ll be following up with those missionaries in a short while.  MIRACLES.

When we didn´t have water,
we got it out of a hole on the corner!

Our water came back on!  (on Saturday, after 9 days without it)  After taking hot showers and thoroughly cleaning the house, we were feeling A LOT better.

General Conference, I LOVE IT.  We invited a TON of people to come to listen to and watch the prophets speak to us, and very few actually came.  But!  One investigator who we´ve recently dropped decided to show up and watch, and the talks during that session were ON-POINT for him.  We will see what he does now, but it was a special little blessing amidst a truly crazy weekend.
Matching with my "Mom" Hermana Chavez

Ok. That´s mostly it for miracles.  Life is lovely, we did divisions twice this week (both times with former-companions of mine--Hermana Chavez and Hermana Saylor), and we´re looking forward to even more exciting adventures this coming week.  
Baptism of Pedro (with a few extra ward members mixed in :) )

OH!  And Pedro got baptized this week!  We were pretty excited for him, and his Dad (Ricardo, another recent convert) got to do the baptism!  

sister Missionaries in Mexico :)

Hermana Woodard and I send lots of love from Mexico to YOU!  Be safe and happy, and do something nice for someone else this week!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

Other missionaries in Mexico

 "double" BANANA.  That´s right folks,
there were two, fused banans inside :)

when our district made donuts together!

when I burnt a skirt (not mine) to celebrate 9 months!

 Easter :)

Olivos swamp
Olivos sunset

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