Tuesday, September 1, 2015

. . . .Mexico!

From 31 August 2015

It started pouring right after we got home from our adventure to the
Market, which was truly a miracle, because we were able to get
our umbrellas, etc. before heading across town to pick up our laundry.

Dearest Darlingest Family and Friends,

I am always learning things.  Most recently I learned that in Mexico, they don´t actually call Americans/white people "gringos".  We´re called "gueros" or "gueras" (for girls).  

These 5 hermanas (and me) make up our entire mission
worth of Hermanas who are in the field right now. 
And we stand out
 horribly in a crowd.
Today all the Hermanas in the mission decided to go on a field trip for our P Day and we visited a GIANT market in the city to find traditional Mexican dresses, ponchos, etc.  (Pictures of what we bought will come next week, sorry...).  Unfortunately, all of us, with the exception of my companion Hermana Chavez are SERIOUS Gueras.  So we visited this GINORMOUS market (like you walk for half-an-hour through straight stalls packed just a few feet from each other on either side, just to get to the other side.  And this chaos extends in every direction.  It´s kind of like Portobello road from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, but with MORE stuff.).  Unfortunately, I will never return to that place, especially with any member of my white family or friends.  There were various "sections" where you could buy shoes, spices, fruits, clothes, you name it.  And then there was the meat market.  I think the meat market will be in my nightmares from now on.  We walked for about 3 minutes (very quickly) through rows upon rows of stands selling a somewhat astonishing selection and quantity of raw meat.  I wasn´t a fan of that in the first place, but the line of 5 gueras in skirts also attracted quite a bit of attention from the vendors, and we got wolf-whistles, and creepy remarks the whole way through the crowded, smelly section.  So that was fun.  But we also did some good shopping, and now we all have some fun outfits to wear for Mexican Independence day on the 15th. 

Mexico City Mexico Mormon Temple
". . .when we keep the temple covenants we
have made and when we live righteously
in order to maintain the blessings promised
by those ordinances, then come what
may, we have no reason to worry or to
feel despondent."      
—Richard G. Scott

In other news, the Open House at the temple is wonderful!  There are people coming from all over the country to visit, and it´s quite fun/interesting/good Spanish practice to talk to them.  

Image result for bosques de aragon, mexico city
Mexico City is VAST!  Hermana Houghton is
living in a very nice area, close to the LDS
Meanwhile in Bosques, the work is progressing bit by bit.  The more I visit other places in Mexico City, the more I appreciate how quaint and wonderful Bosques is.  I only occasionally hear wolf-whistles on the street! We´re working with some pretty wonderful people right now too, most of whom are women with families, or grandmas.  However, I have decided that I love older people.  They´re always happy and appreciative of our visits, and also patient with my slow Spanish.  YAY!  Also, fortunately (and sometimes unfortunately) they really like to feed us delicious food!

Okay, spiritual thought time:  Heavenly Father has a plan for each of His children in this life.  He knows each of us intimately, and there´s just no way he can forget us.  Sometimes we go through trials and difficulties, but these are almost always so we can grow, or so someone else can, to be stronger and better people. 

I love you ALL and I will write more next week!  Be safe and happy, and remember to ask yourself "have I done any good in the world today?"  EVERY DAY!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

P.S. I HAVE RECEIVED MAIL!!  Please send things through pouch mail, because it´s the most reliable, but it still might take several weeks to reach me...The instructions are on this post:  http://hermanahoughton3.blogspot.com/2015/08/write-letter.html

P.S. Photos

It was pouring rain and we were walking the 20 minutes
across town for the third time today, but it´s P Day,
so we HAD to get ice cream.  This is officially
the only place I believe in getting ice cream now,
and my favorite flavor is "besos de abuelita"
(kisses from Grandma, and it tastes like
Abuelita Mexican hot chocolate :))  

One day, President called us all last minute to come fill in
at the temple, and by the time we had all busted our
behinds to get there, they didn´t need us. 
So he and Hermana Anaya took us to ice cream
and then back to our areas :)  It was pretty great!

Oh yeah!  There was also that time 
last week when I shook Elder Christofferson´s 
hand at the Open House!  (but you can´t tell 
it´s him...)  It really is him!

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