Saturday, August 1, 2015

Write a Letter!

Some have asked for an address for Marta, and with a little experimentation, we've discovered that mail via the Mexican post takes about 18 days.   We can send mail a bit quicker and cheaper via  pouch.  Here are instructions.

Letters may be only one piece of paper (not lightweight notebook paper).  Fold the paper into thirds, and secure the long edge with two pieces of tape about 1" from each end.   Do not seal the ends.   Address the folded paper like an envelope with your name and address in the upper left corner and the following address for Marta.   Affix U.S. first class postage.

Sister Marta Irene Houghton
Mexico Mexico City East Mission
P.O. BOX 30150
Salt Lake City,  UT  84130-0150

I'll also post her Mexico City area address as soon as we hear from her (hopefully Monday or Tuesday).

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