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A Gringa Giantess in Bosques de Aragon

From 8 August 2015

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What you can´t tell very well in this photo is that I´m standing on the ground
beside the sidewalk, about 6 inches below where everyone else on my step is standing. 
Yes.  I am a gringa giantess. Oh, and I´m taller than everyone in my zone
(14 people, 12 of whom are Elders)
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Our view out the window... :)

In case you were wondering, keyboards in Mexico are different, but I have mastered them.  Right now I´m sitting in an internet cafe in Bosques typing up a storm with my one hour of writing time.  I won´t be able to write again for a bit (not exactly sure when my next P Day is) because all of the Hermanas in my mission will be working every day at the Temple Open House starting next Friday, so they´re mixing up our P Days.  Anyway, Bosques is a lovely, crazy, extremely different town from anything I have yet encountered in the U.S.  The streets are all named after countries (but their names are in Spanish eg. Grecia de Aragon = Greece) and they´re organized based on continents.  They´re also cobble-stone, and most of them have gates and guards at the entrances.  The guards are friendly, usually, and we´re actually teaching a couple of them, which is interesting.  In other news, houses are different here, mostly because they have walls in front of them, so you can´t really see most of the living space at all.  It´s hard to describe, but very interesting to me.  We do quite a bit of walking each day, and probably rack up 4-8 miles depending on how many/where our appointments are.  Fortunately, the weather here is basically perfect.  It ranges between 55 and 80 morning to night, and sometimes it rains in the afternoon.  But it´s lovely!

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Oh, fun fact. For those history buffs reading this, do you remember Monteczuma?  He was an Aztec king I believe, and was killed by Cortez and the Spañards many years ago.  Well, nowadays, he takes his revenge.  The revenge of Monteczuma is what they call the digestive issues that most "gringos" experience when they come to México.  They put a lot of chili and tomatoes in sauces here, and even if the food isn´t that hot, Gringo stomachs are used to them, and all sorts of issues ensue.  I won´t go into detail, but I think it´s pretty funny.  Sometimes.

In other news, I´m taller than all of my 14-person zone (Gringa giantess...), and in a week I will be one of 6 Hermanas in the field!  To top it off, we´re actually getting 4 more Americana Hermanas in less just 5 weeks, which means that one of the three Hermanas (including me) that I came with could be training after a single transfer.  Also, I will probably only get one transfer (6 weeks) of training.  (For those of you who don´t know, usually, missionaries get 12 weeks of training in the field and don´t train another missionary for a bit after that).  But who knows what will happen!  My Mission President, it turns out, is very unpredictable!

Other insights:
1) Mexico City makes the United States look like a drab, waste of space.  Not that it is, it juse seems that way...)
2) God doesn´t ask us to give Him our strengths when we are serving Him, He asks for our weaknesses, and then He turns them into strengths (eg. language)

Hrrrmmm... What else?

Oh yes!  I love you all bunches and bunches, and I hope you are having  a marvelous day!

Yours Truly,
Hermana Houghton
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Our apartment in Bosques

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