Thursday, August 20, 2015


From 19 August 2015--Marta had a surprise P-day and we hadn't left any emails for her!

I assume crazy things are happening, and you`re all moving and shtuff, and I told you I wasn`t emailing until Monday, which was apparently a lie.  Sorry.  The open house is wreaking havoc on our schedule once again.  I AM emailing Monday though, so let me know what`s up!  I understand much birthday celebrating has occurred since my last email and I would like to take this opportunity to wish both Mom AND Dad a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Welcome to year ·54 (right?)!  We`re working very hard, I`m learning Spanish even faster because I have to talk to SO many people at the Open house (usually by myself, but I can actually sometimes understand what they`re saying and asking me).  Most frequently asked question (post-temple-tour): what do the cows under the baptismal font mean?  Psshhh.  So hard to explain in Spanish.  But it`s awesome to see what awesome spiritual experiences people have in the temple, even before it`s dedicated.  I encourage you all to go online and check out the photos that I have been telling people exist on  Other fun news: Mexican food is crazy!  Comida (the big meal of the day) is HUGE.  Today we were fed (in one meal) a largish bowl of soup, a heap of mashed potatoes, 3 large pieces of fried-ish chicken, "salad"--couldn`t tell what was in it, but there was a lot of cream and wet lettuce, and jello/pink flan stuff for dessert.  Oh, and a large pitcher of lemonaide-ish stuff, an avacado, and all-you-can-eat tortillas (hot).  And an apple for the road.  And you`re not allowed to say no.  That would be rude.  Fortunately, I`m also standing up, talking, and walking all day, so it all works out for the best!  I love you all, the people here are crazier and more wonderful than you could believe!!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

P.S. Hurray for Paul who`s on his way, and Tess who`s off to college, and Camilla who has her mission call, and all other people worth celebrating: your knee is in my prayers too Momma!

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