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From 16 September 2015
Mexico City Temple Dedication

Dearest Family,

To my pleasant surprise, I am NOT training right now!!  My mission president is an interesting man.  He doesn´t worry about who he´s going to transfer literally until the week (and sometimes just a few days) before they need to transfer or train.  So, and we don´t find out about transfers until the night before we need to leave (at 10:30 when we have to go to bed), so it´s kind of exciting!  This last 6-week cycle, President said he wouldn´t be pulling any of the Visistor´s center missionaries out to train the 4 new American Hermanas, but I guess he changed his mind, because Hermana Chavez and I got off the hook for training, and instead he did pull 2 Latina Hermanas out to train the Americans in the field.  So I get to be with Hermana Chavez here in Bosques for another 6 weeks!  

Also, the Mexico City temple (2nd largest in the world) was re-dedicated on Sunday (Elder Holland and President Eyring came), and this morning we got to go do a temple session with the other missionaries in our zone, and a bunch of CCM missionaries too!  Also, on Saturday morning we were at the temple/stake center for a meeting and we got to sing to Bishop Cosé (of the presiding bishopric I think) in the Visitor´s Center with the Hermanas there--it was really random!  Anyway, the temple is gorgeous, and it was a wonderful opportunity to visit this morning :)  

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In other news, today is Mexican Independence day!  So everything is closed!  Also, Cinco de Mayo is a popular American myth--Mexicans don´t celebrate it at all.  However, they celebrate the 16th of September, starting the day before, with a LOT of food (last night I ate posole and bombasos), fireworks, music (salsa, mariachi, rock, you  name it), a big special shout at 11:00 p.m. (Viva México!), and a truly remarkable amount of alcohol (or so I´m told).  It´s actually the biggest holiday of the year, according to my sources.  We slept with earplugs in last night (fortunately).

Anyway, the work is going pretty well here in Mexico!  We´re teaching lots of people, and we´re always busy!  I hope you´re all surviving life and enjoying your September adventures!

Hermana Houghton

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P.S.  Spiritual thought:  KEEP A JOURNAL.  It is incredibly important for future generations, and can also be a great blessing for you in the future.  Think of it as a spiritual/emotional savings account :)

Sooo... This is my apartment.  It´s actually one of the biggest, nicest, most expensive in the mission!  We have hot water, an oven, and no cockroaches or bed-bugs!

Our desk/study area--guess which side is mine!?

 Kitchen!  Fun fact: the light switch is inside our cupboard!

Kitchen part 2 + laundry room (where we wash our clothes by hand
 and hang them up, right there!)

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