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From 18 July 2016

Getting to Hidalgo with Hermana Beck

Dearest Everyone,

So we made is through Week 1 of white-washing (opening a new area and starting from scratch) and really it wasn't that bad at all!  On day One (Monday evening) we met the branch president and his wife, and we happened to walk by and meet the Relief Society Sister who ended up feeding us most of the week and introducing us to the branch.  Her name is Angeles, and she´s awesome!  She has a little business making lunch/dinner, near our house, and we very sneakily wash her dishes all the time :)

We also saw some real miracles because there are a couple of prepared families here that came to church on Sunday and are ready to be taught.  We actually were praying and fasting for a miracle on Sunday, and one walked right into the chapel!  Her name is Zaira, and she´s an awesome young-adult that happens to be a reference from the ward I just left!  Tender mercies are everywhere, people.  

In other news, the city life is exciting!  Transportation is half the price, and we've only gotten lost on the Micros to and from the temple and other chapels once!  Our error left us walking about a mile back to our area and crossing a highway, but all is well!  Also, Mexico City has a lot more public maintenance than the State of Mexico, and it has a lot of cute little exercise parks which we've been taking advantage of these past few days.  It´s good to get out and run every now and then :)

Ok, life is crazy and there are A LOT of changes happening with our new mission President, but it´s exciting, and we just KNOW that we will be seeing a lot of miracles and growth in the near future :)

Hermana Houghton

Tobie, our friendly neighbor who lives on the roof.
Sometimes he barks at us, sometimes
he scares pigeons.  Mostly he´s bored.. .
Hermana Beck in our cleaned kitchen

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