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Hello People

From 11 July 2016

Stock pictures of the Hidalgo area of Mexico City. . .
to give us an idea of where in the world is. . .Hermana Houghton!

Dear Fam,
So, unfortunately, exclamation points don`t work on this keyboard, so that`s sad.  But just know that I am really happy and excited to be emailing you all¡ Ok, so my solution is just to put them upside down¡  So, right now I am in my new area, the Hidalgo Branch, with hermana Beck¡  This week has REALLY been a crazy one.  Here are some of our bigger adventures:

1- President Naumann is changing the culture of the mission.  So this last week we had zone conference, which was awesome.  He explained to us about how Priesthood keys work, and exactly what we have the authority to do, and what we DON`T have the authority to do.  Basically, the Bishop is in charge of the missionary work in a ward, and if there`s not a bishop, the missionary work really can`t progress [this is big news here, where some Wards literally don`t have leadership sometimes]
.  Anyway, a lot of things have changed¡

2- My companion found out she was going to train, and that same day President asked us to start looking for a new house in our area, because he wanted to divide it.  So we went house-hunting the next morning and found 3 options before 11:00 when we needed to leave to get to the trainer`s meeting.  Unfortunately, the bus wasn`t passing, so we jumped in a combi [little bus/van], took the metro, and then arrived at a giant park which we crossed at TOP speed in order to get to the other side where the temple/meeting  was.  Of course, we were running late, so we hopped on a bus at the last minute and made it to the meeting 2 minutes early¡

3- We saw some MIRACLE baptisms in Olivos of Jared, Elìa, and Paola [pictures will come in the future when we find an internet where the USB outlets work¡] 

4- Hermana Woodard and I, after 4.5 months, got split up, and this morning we met up with our new companions, and Hermana Beck and I traveled an interesting route vìa various taxis to our new area.  We are opening it, and it`s been closed for a couple of cycles, but we`re PUMPED.  

5- It`s my first time in the REAL Mexico City, because both of my former areas were in the State of Mexico, on the outskirts of the city.  so the color of the taxis changed on us, and we`re in a lot more of a metropolitan environment.  It`s exciting¡  

Ok.  I`m really sorry for the lack of pictures, but it will have to do.  Today has been CRAZY, what with the moving, the cleaning the new apartment, etc.  We ARE excited to meet with the Branch leaders and get to work here, and all is well.
Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a LOT of adventures this week¡ [I decided a better title for companions is Adventure Buddy]

Hermana Houghton

P.S. Read your scriptures and pray everyday.  Just try it people, it will work wonders for your life.

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