Friday, July 29, 2016

Dearest Everyone!

From 25 July 2016


Welll. Here in Mexico, life continues to be a grand adventure.  Every. Single. Day!  I do believe in the phrase that a picture says more than a thousand words, so I´m going to keep this email short and just send a ton of pictures!

Spiritual Thought: I had to give a talk on Sunday, and so I´m just going to give you a recap of all the things I learned to prepare for that talk!  
1) We need to have faith
2) WE need to have hope
3) We need to have charity
but, more importantly than just SAYING we have these things, is living them, and putting then into ACTION.  So I thought for a long time and decided 3 general ways in which we can put those things into action:
1) Having faith in Jesus Christ leads us to Repentance
2) Having hope for a better world leads us to make sacrifices to reach that world
3) Having charity for our fellow man leads us to want to serve him/her.  
So.  I´ve been working especially on those last three things lately!

I love you lots!  All is well, and I LOVE to hear how you are all doing!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

Photos:  Having a little fun in Hidalgo!

Why, yes, that is a Hulk piñata!
A *few* other piñatas

 And yes, of course.  Those are 2 Hermanas in our zone :)

hehehehehehehe!  Yes.  That is a full sized cut-out of
 2 elders in our zone!
That time when we made Tamales Oaxaqueños :)

During the photo-scavenger hunt (zone activity),
we got bonus points for taking a selfie with not one,
but TWO sleeping dogs!!!

Centenario Zone!
Toby.  He´s our friend.

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