Thursday, October 29, 2015

Training in Bosques

From 28 October 2015
 Our last district meeting with Hermana Chavez (she was the only one who got transferred this cycle which means that all of the Latino Elders in this picture are going to finish their missions after this cycle--in their current areas--AHHH!)

Ok.  So apparently there was a hurricane, but no, it is not raining buckets and super-windy in Bosques. The weather has been a bit funky, but just a bit of rain and wind--nothing crazy. 
She´s here!  (by the way)  My "Hija" (daughter in spanish) Hermana Bracamonte has arrived (see attached picture).  She´s pretty awesome, and we work well together--it will be a fun 3 months.  Hermana Bracamonte is a fellow Californian, and she has Peruvian heritage, and speaks a lot of Spanish (which is a HUGE blessing), and has a great testimony.  Also, I´ve already got her addicted to the ice cream in Bosques (SUCCESS!)

Hermana Bracamonte
In other news, we had our first baptism on Saturday (of Angie) which was AWESOME!  It was a good way to finish a pretty tough 3-month drought of baptisms, and a good way to see off Hermana Chavez (she wasn´t super-excited to leave Bosques, until she found out what area she would be opening--Olivos).  In other news, we´re teaching some awesome investigators, and on Monday we had a spur-of-the-moment Family Home Evening with one family that we are teaching, and we talked about the Word of Wisdom.  It was quite exciting, mostly because Hermana Chavez and her new companion were staying with us that night, so there were 4 Hermanas in that lesson!  Now we´re down to just the two of us, but we get a lot done, and it´s exciting to teach and talk to all kinds of people in Spanish.  I feel very blessed to be able to be training right now, and I know this is another opportunity for me to keep working on improving my Spanish.
So that´s what´s happening in Bosques!  One bit of sad news is that we don´t actually get to go to the temple every 6 weeks because I guess there´s a rule that we can only go 4 times per-year.  But we still get to go SEE the temple all the time, so that´s exciting. 
Spiritual thought of the week:  1st Nephi 3:7:  We can keep ALL the commandments. All of them.  We just have to work at it, and bit by bit, we will accomplish the goal.  I encourage everyone to find something in their lives that isn´t in accordance with the commandments, and do away with it.  We can always work to improve.  As for me, I´m working on that whole "obedience with exactness" thing that´s SO important in missionary work.  Without obedience, we can´t receive the blessings of success. 
I LOVE YOU ALL!  Be safe and happy!
Hermana Houghton

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