Monday, October 12, 2015

Training! (for real this time)


Life is good in Bosques.  I survived my week-long chocolate fast as well as Fast Sunday--no food for 24 hours--(BTW, I think I´m hungrier, and I have to eat more on the mission than at any other point in my life) and now, we are fasting from English.  For a week!  Strangely, it´s harder for my companion, who speaks fluent Spanish, than it is for me.  But she also helps me a lot, and I´m hoping to polish things up because I will be training in two weeks.  (It´s official because President Anaya told us on Tuesday that we will both be training.)  Anyway, it´s been a crazy week, and we´ve worked HARD.  
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We´re currently teaching 8-10 investigators, keeping up with 10ish recent converts, and also reaching out to contact people, find new investigators, and visit Less-Actives in the ward here.  So we´re very busy, but having a lot of fun too, because people are awesome and wonderful and occasionally crazy.  This week we got to go to the Visitor´s Center at the Temple for the first time with some investigators, and that was really cool.   

Image result for mexico city lds temple visitors center
One important spiritual realization from the week: When we are on consecrated ground or in sacred places, it´s easier to feel the Spirit and the love of our Heavenly Father.  That´s why we´re always commanded to "Stand in Holy Places".  I feel so blessed to have the Mexico City temple so close-by, and to be able to visit the grounds and the visitor´s center as a missionary.  Also, scriptures are awesome, especially the Book of Mormon.  I LOVE it, which is why I´m on a mission preaching about it in Spanish, in Mexico!  

Okay, now for the funnies:  today we went to buy tacos in "Shakira´s tacos" which is owned and run by some members of the church who live a ways up the metro line.  We came across about 12 Elders who had a similar idea today, consumed a large amount of meat and grease and hot-sauce, and breathed fire for a bit.  (see tacos pictured below).  

Also, we have a cat that lives in our apartment building, and we call her Princesa--she reminds me a LOT of Belly.  

AAaaannnnddd.  That´s all I´ve got.  I hope you´re all having fantasmical weeks, and you´re finding time to get in your prayers, scripture study, and all the other important things in life.  

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

One of the guards of the communities we walk into all the time. 
He always asks us "Where are your umbrellas?"
whenever we enter--it´s hilarious!

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