Wednesday, January 4, 2017


From 6 December 2016

I´m sorry that I have been an unfaithful emailer.  But, I am pleased to inform you that I have been busy preaching the gospel, solving problems, loving people, and doing some last-minute sight-seeing before I head back to the U.S. of A. 

Quick update from the past few weeks:
Week 1 in Pradera: we spoke in sacrament meeting, went BACK to our old area to help with a choir, moved in with the Heramanas of the Visitor´s Center, and did a lot of wandering around our giant area looking for addresses on very disorganized streets.  
Week 2 in Pradera: We got to know the area a little bit better, went to the temple, and got to work a little more with the members in our area.  We also sang in the anual lighting of Temple Square (in Mexico City, obviously).
Week 3 in Pradera: We had a BUNCH of meetings and did some major problem-solving, while also working with investigators and contacting just a couple of drunk men in the street.  All is well.  We also had stake conference, interviews with President, etc. On pday we went to the "Mercado Ciudadela" which is a SUPER touristy artisan market where they sell expensive souvenirs and other trinkets.
Week 4 in Pradera: We are working to get some investigators ready for baptism, and we have several meetings this week, so we will be busy!  We also went out with some other hermanas (Hermanas Saylor, Ruiz, Woodard, and Marispini) today to eat, we bought shoes in the tiangies, and we even cleaned the house (apartment)!

Weird news: Next week is my last pday.  Weird.  I didn´t think this day would ever arrive... Now that it has, it is very strange.  I feel like I could keep going a few more months still!  But they tell me I have to get on a plane soon, so I´m mentally preparing myself for all of the white people and the lack of tacos and spicy food... 

Spiritual thought: So I was reading Ether 12 this week, and I realized that it is an AMAZING chapter.  It is seriously SO GOOD.  I love a part at the end of the chapter when Moroni is explaining that Jesus Christ Himself spoke to him and taught him, and he did it with love and, curiously, humility.  I knew that Jesus Christ was a humble person, but I had never considered the fact that He, our Savior and King, might speak to us with HUMILITY.  It was an important reminder to me that I have a LONG way to go before I learn how to really be more like Him.  One way I´m working on that humility is the Light the World initiative.  So once more, I invite you all to get involved in it!  Share the videos. DO the challenges.  Let´s prepare ourselves for a REAL Christmas.  

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

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