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Hello to EVERYONE!

From 27 September 2016

templo mayor

Eating quesadillas in the Tiangies today
Hello to EVERYONE! 
Life is good.  Today we went on an adventure to the Tiangis, ("tee-ang-ees"--outdoor street-market where they sell... everything: sea food, tacos, hand-made tortillas, tlacollos, cleaning supplies, fruits and vegetables, clothes, accessories, phones, plants, shoes, kitchen stuff, etc.), where we wandered around for a couple of hours bargaining for trinkets and eating strange foods. Now, we´re going to go clean... And that abour wraps up our pday (other than buying groceries, emailing, and doing laundry)  Anyway, it´s been a fun little time :)

bike-taxi, and the Cathedral

Also, last week we went to the Zocalo, where we saw the "Templo Mayor" or the ruins and museum of ancient temple from the times of the Mexicas. We also saw a really old cathedral, and we took a ride in a bike-taxi :D  (see pictures, attached)

As far as the work is concerned, we continue to preach the gospel.  One important lesson we learned (which some of you have also learned this week from the General Women´s session of the world-wide Conference) is that there are 2 things that faith CANNOT do.  #1 Force the agency of another person, and #2 Put our will above God´s will.  Even with ALL of the faith in the world, we cannot do these two things.  Which is good.  Everybody gets to make their own decisions.  I also learned more about how to receive revelation.  When we need divine help to make decisions or do things, we need to put our brains to work FIRST (before we just ask Heavenly Father for the answer) and we need to come up with some plans/ideas.  Then, when we´ve "studied it out in our minds" we need to ask the Lord if those plans are good, and if He will bless them.  And that´s how we can receive the divine help we´re looking for.  If we never think to make our own plans, the Lord won´t usually just reveal it all to us.  We have to do our part! (LIGHT BULB!)  

So, as you can see, I´m still learning A LOT here in Mexico, and it will continue to be that way because I am determined to keep working as hard as I can here in the Lord´s Vineyard.  Thank you for all of your support!
Hermana Houghton

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