Tuesday, May 3, 2016


From 25 April 2016

Dearest Family,

Life is crazy.  But it´s also lovely!

Here´s the latest news from Mexico: 

Baptism of Carlos and Karla--Sunday, April 24

1) Karla and Carlos got baptized on Sunday!!  It was an amazing experience to help them get to that point, and we are excited to continue working with their family throughout the next few weeks.

2) The weather cooled down this week and it has now officially begin to rain (the rainy season starts about now and lasts into fall, but we´re finishing up the hottest part of the year (hopefullly) right now.  BTW, I don´t really know anything about the pollution levels in Mexico City, but I hear they´re terrible.  I have no idea how/if that´s actually affecting us, but I hope it isn´t!

Zone temple trip! #anàhuac
3) We got to go to the temple on this last Friday, and it was WONDERFUL.  For those of you who have never visited an LDS temple, I highly recommend you find one near you and spend some time checking it out.  Temples aren´t just interesting places, but they´re holy grounds where we can more strongly feel the love and influence of our Heavenly Father, or God.  They are feelings that are VERY difficult to find in other parts of the world.  For those of you who HAVE had the opportunity to visit a temple--VISIT IT MORE!!  :) 

Yes.  We do have great companionship unity :)

4) Except for short bits of time, we haven´t lost water for a few weeks, and so we can do laundry, take showers, clearn, etc. without hardly any hassle.

5) Holy Cow!  We´re finishing up April!  That means next Sunday is Fast Sunday!  YESSSS!!! Fasting is a commandment from Heavenly Father where we don´t eat, because we are demonstrating that our need for certain blessings, or for spiritual nourishment is greater than our need for physical nourishment.  It´s a great tool that we have to ask Heavenly Father for the things that are most important for us and for our loved ones.  I invite you all to be thinking this week about what those things are for you, and to prepare to fast specifically for those things.  It is a miracle-bringing power indeed!
No one was harmed in the production of these images!

That´s all for now folks!  Be safe and do wonderful things that make you happy and help you know God!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

P.S. Pictures:

The Elders got out their "luchador" masks and had to take some pictures
 yes... these are Elders...
The Elders had a bit too much fun with their masks :)

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