Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Adventures in Olivos

From 18 April 2016

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Dearest Everyone,

Yes.  We have had water this week, and we have been SO grateful for it!  It came in handy especially when we found a bug infestation in my companion´s mattress this morning and had to clean it out with disinfectant and insecticide.  The mattress is now de-bugged, and safe for sleeping in :)

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In other news, this week we went on lots of adventures, and it was REALLY crazy!  We also got to go to a choir practice (we´re preparing a couple of musical numbers for when Elder Oaks comes to visit us on Saturday) and I got to see a 3 of my former companions there (10 our of the 12 "field sisters" of the mission are in the choir), which was a highlight.  Also this week, we made cookies and we made the dough for empanadas with our neighbor/landlady "Hermana Gris", and that was a lot of fun (I will send pictures next week).

As for the missionary-work aspect of the week, it´s been a slow one.  A lot of people left for "semana Santa" (it´s basically spring-break/Easter holiday in one big 2-week holiday) and this week they all got back and were really busy, or stopped progressing as investigators :(  "Dropping" investigators is one of the hardest parts of missionary work, but it´s very necessary, and we´ve just had to do it a lot lately.  However, Pedro got confirmed this week, and Olivos is really very full of potential as far as missionary work goes.

Hermana Woodard and I are working hard to do the work of the Lord here, and bit by bit we´re seeing exactly what it is that He needs us to do.  I´m so grateful for the chance that I have to be on a mission right here, right now.  It´s probably one of the best decisions of my life, and I´ve learned more about people, the gospel, and my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, than I could ever have imagined.  I invite you all to get to know these three special people I just mentioned,  They make up what´s called the "Godhead" and their purpose is to bring ALL of us back to live in the presence of God one day. 

I hope you all have FANTASTIC weeks, and do lots of wonderful things!!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

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