Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Hermana Saylor and me at the house with our chickens!

Dearest Family,

Transfers did indeed happen this week, but I didn`t go too far!  Just a hop skip and a taxi-ride away (still in the same stake and everything!) from Bosques is my new area: Olivos!  I`m here with Hermana Saylor, who actually just finished being trained by my trainer, and even though we are both REALLY white, we`re going to find miracles here in Olivos.  Just a little background info: Bosques is a solid middle-upper-class neighborhood, and Olivos is what you might call the ghetto.  I have noticed that a lot more people randomly call our "Gueras!" ("White Girls!") when we`re walking down the street here... So it`s going to be an interesting adjustment :)

In other news, Presidente Anaya and his inspired ability to do exactly what nobody is expecting have struck again!  He left Hermana Bracamonte in Bosques in a trio with two Latina sisters from the Visitor`s center, and one of them is just fresh out of the MTC and being trained by the other.  So Hermana Bracamonte`s an "Aunt" or something, and I`m like a great-aunt now.

On a different note, just so you all know, tomorrow is a world-wide missionary braodcast (just for the missionaries I believe), which will be AWESOME.  Also, I was thinking about how important it is to read the Liahona or the Ensign each month.  That wasn`t something I did a lot before I came on the mission, and I kind-of thought modern-revelation only came twice a year during general conference, but that is NOT true.  Prophets speak to us each month through the talks and messages in the church magazines, so I invite you all to look up the January Ensign and take a peak at what the Lord has offered us! 

I love you all and hope you know you`re in my thoughts and prayers!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

My last district class in Bosques!
 (Elder Delgado, Me, Hermana Bracamonte, Elder Jensen, and Elder Williams)
Saying goodbye to Bosques and Hermana Bracamonte (with our "theme" of the past three months: 1st Nephi

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