Sunday, November 22, 2015

'Tis the Season. . .to have birthdays!

from 9 November 2015

Maryela's baptism

Dearest Family,

Wow, what a week it has been.  Well, I´ll start by explaining the title here:  Saturday was Hermana Bracamonte´s birthday, we taught two people yesterday who were having birthdays, and this week I will be celebrating the completion of my second decade of life.  Sooo... Happy birthday to the world!

The work keeps chugging along here in Bosques, and this last week we were blessed to have a miracle-baptism, that I still have a hard time believing occurred (see pictures).  You see, a week ago, Maryela (the girl in white, who got baptized and confirmed this weekend) didn´t have a testimony, and wasn´t ready to put a date down to get baptized, but we sat down and talked to her for about 2 hours, and after that she was ready to go.  Her Mother and sister aren´t too far behind in making their decisions, but it was a really sweet experience to see Maryela´s desire to follow Christ and set an example for her family.  

In other news, we met 2 less-active members in the ward this week who live right next to eachother.  On the first floor of an apartment building lives Hermana Irene, and on the second floor lives Hermana Marta.  Yeeeeppppp.  For those of who who don´t know, those are my 2 names!  Unfortunately, no one in Mexico can actually pronounce the one name that I use as a missionary (Houghton)...  In other news, today we went ice skating for P Day, something I never thought I´d be doing in Mexico City, and it was a lot of fun.  It was almost as fun to ice skate as it was to watch the Elders TRY to ice skate :)  (They´re both from climates that don´t really permit winter-sports).  AAAnnndd that is what is happening in the life of Hermana Houghton right now.  

OH!  And spiritual thought for the week:  Heavenly Father doesn´t really care what color our skin is, what we´ve done in our lives, or who our parents are.  He invites EVERY person on this Earth to come unto Christ, and He commands His children (us) to invite them too.  He doesn´t want to lose a single one of us, because we are each incredibly important and valuable to Him.

I hope you all are having a lovely weeks, and learning lots of things and doing lots of good in the world.  Be safe and happy, and find someone to love and serve, ok!?

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

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