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From 16 November 2015

Birthday girl in her new coat, with pictures from home
Our baptismal date plan for the next 10 weeks!  Yay!

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow!  Time doesn´t really exist when you´re on a mission because the only important dates are when you get there, and when you go home.  But.  This week sure did fly by.  I´m not quite sure what more I can say except that we are working hard here.  Some days we go to appointments, visit a LOT of people, and get home and we're just bubbling with happiness.  Other days, it´s really cold and windy, and you walk around for hours and literally  no one wants to talk to you, and you go home and hit the sack early because you´re exhausted and sad.  But I think that´s just kind-of how life goes.

Anyway, here are some fun insights from Mexico:  
1: Hot food is actually delicious.  Especially Takis de fuego.  (it´s a chip-kind-of-thing that´s really hot)
2:  The sun here is really strong, so when you´re in the sun it´s HOT, and when you´re in the shade it´s really nice.  I don´t know quite how to explain it except that shade is really good...
3:  I have lost my ability to speak English, and I can´t speak Spanish either.  I am speaking constantly in Spanglish.
4: there is no limit to how many people you can fit in public transportation.  One time, one of the zones here in my mission needed to go to the temple all together, so they rented a combi, or a van that´s usually a bit smaller than a 15 passenger van, and they fit 28 full-sized missionaries in it for a 1 hour drive.  Piece of cake.  Oh, and no one uses seat belts here...
5: J-walking is a habit I shall have to break one day, because cross-walks don´t exist here.

Yep.  That´s about it.  Hermana Bracamonte and I are working hard here, and we´re exhausted at the end of every day.  We´re looking forward to a few baptisms this week, which is AWESOME, and hopefully I will have more to tell you all next week!

Lots of love,
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Empty bag from home grown and dried apples.
The birthday stash didn't last long!

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