Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dearest Everyone!

From 6 September 2016

Do you ever get to the end of the week and just feel exhausted?  That´s okay.  That feeling is pretty normal!  Because if you´re exhausted it means you worked hard :) and you´re alive.

So. This week I learned about the importance of planning. Really, planning your life is the key to having an EFFECTIVE life.  Our mission president has taught us that deciding to "work harder" doesn´t actually change very much if we REALLY want to see different results.  So he taught us how we have to plan, and execute plans to be able to use our time better. Anyway, we´re doing that :)  Of course, there are a lot of parts of life that you CAN´T plan, so we do what we can, and then we trust that the Lord will do the rest. That´s what faith is called!

Anyway, this week was interesting.  We have officially begun the Patriotic Month in Mexico, so we are seeing a lot of flags, hearing a lot of fireworks, and people keep talking about delicious foods like pozole, chiles enogadas, and pampazos.  MMMMMMMmmmmm...  (the 15th of September is Independence Day).  Also, the weather is getting a little bit colder, and the rain carries on.  I hope you are all doing GREAT!  Hermana Beck and I keep cracking jokes and eating chocolate, and we´re as happy as can be! 

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

the weather today :O

We rearranged the house :D

With a HILARIOUS dog named Nena :D 

She looks like a little bear

 zone activity: Centenario-- volleyball

Elías, an 88-year-old man that we´ve been teaching,
but who is now moving to Oaxaca... :(

yep... it´s eating paper... :(

I thought you might appreciate the amount of chocolate we have in the house right now...
It wasn´t on purpose... just turned out this way...
Love your favorite chocoholic,
Hermana Houghton

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