Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dearest Everyone! (#2)

From 15 August 2016
Baptism of Marisol, Alejandra, and Casandra :)  With the help and support of several members of the Branch!

When it comes to baptismal clothing, the important
 thing is that it´s white.  Whether it fits or not,
 is a whole other question!
We match, found a moving train, and a little tiny forest. 
All at the same time, in the middle of Mexico City :)
This week went by really fast, and was full of lots of craziness.  We taught the Relief Society how to make chocolate chip cookies (they were quite impressed!), put on a baptism for a wonderful little family, and avoided getting wet and/or pummelled by hail!  

We also learned a lot about Faith, Hope, and Charity, and we walked in a LOT of circles in our (relatively tiny) area.  It was lovely!  I really like Hidalgo, it´s a beautiful little place full of kind people and lots of opportunities to serve and preach the gospel.

As for other news, we´re learning about using our study time better, and this week we´re going to have a 7-hour-long zone conference!  7 HOURS!  I will tell you about it in "8 days"  (in Mexico, everyone says "in 8 days" instead of "in a week")  ...  Yep.  They say there are 8 days in a week...

Anyway, all is well, and here comes the spiritual thought:  Sometimes we get so caught up asking Heavenly Father for things that we forget to be grateful.  So every now and then we can just take a break from asking and give a prayer of thanks for all that He has given us.  (yes, I know I´m jumping the Thanksgiving gun...)

Be safe and happy, and GIVE THANKS!

Lots of love,
Hermana Houghton

My lds login got a little bit confused this morning...

pday lunch!  (tortillas of chipotle, cheese-and-ham-filled
chicken, and vegetables...)  (Vegetables!!!)


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