Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"Week 5"

At the Mexico City Temple
So, I've only been in the CCM for 4 weeks (not even until tomorrowtmorrow), but because of the system for counting, this is technically week 5 for me, and that's crazy!  I leave in less than 2 weeks for the Field, and I got to visit it today!  We went to the temple visitor's center, which was GORGEOUS.  Unfortunately, we can't got in the temple right now because it's being renovated, and the open house will start about the week after my companion and I get into the field.  We did get to talk to the sister missionaries serving in the Visitor's center, which was cool.  They are in the Mexico City East mission, like me, and they told us that in May all of the Americanas (American sisters) left, and they only have about 4 right now and they're all brand new.  However, there are 30-40 sisters total in the mission, and we probably won't be in the Visitor's center (at least I think that's what she said).  With quite a bit of concentration, I can understand most of what people say to me (as long as it's mostly church-related, because that's most of what I've been learning), but speaking is taking a bit longer.  

Speaking of speaking Spanish, Hermana Glauser and I got to teach a REAL investigator this week (yes, in Spanish).  The lesson wasn't perfect, but it went pretty well, and she committed to baptism at the end, which was way cool.  We also taught our other investigators (Giovanny and Juan Jose) a fair bit, and got a new one (Jorge Wooldston).  These investigators are actually just our teachers in character, but they speak full-Spanish, and stay in perfect character, so it's still exciting.  Teaching is getting easier, as is preparing, and planning lessons as a companionship.  It takes a while to work out some kinks and learn how to be unified when you teach, but it's well worth the wait.

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Anyway, the district is still hilarious.  We graduated to be the oldest in our zone this week, and got a new district last week, and we will be getting another this week to replace the two that have left.  (BTW, brief rundown for those non-RM's: Districts are made up of 6+ elders and Hermanas, and a few districts put together makes a zone, eg. I'm in zone 12, district C).  Also, our zone's service project (every week) is to welcome in the Newbies on Wednesday nights.  It's a lot of fun, but it takes a few hours to get all the elders and Hermanas to dinner, through emailing, through brief orientation, and with all their stuff to their houses).  When our generation of Americanos came in, we had 75, and that was the biggest they've had all year.  However, this week, we're getting 106ish Americanos, and today 150+ Latinos came in.  It's going to be CRAZY.  But, they just finished upgrading the Comedor (Cafeteria) to accommodate all the new Elders and Hermanas.

Ok, lots has happened, and I will try to get some pictures out to you all.  I just wanted to finish with a bit of a poem that I wrote. 

When the load becomes heavy
And the journey seems long,
You can think of your Savior,
For This is His Song:
He-says Ï love you, I love you,
Much more than you know,
So I lived my life perfect,
And-died for you to go
Back home to our Father,
Who loves you so much
And our Heavenly Mother,
With Her warm, gentle touch
You see, fam'lies are forever,
With Dad, Mom, and kids,
And we all work together
To-be clean from our sins.
We each have a part
In our Father's great plan
You, child, are no different,
You must lend a hand.
A burden is given
For each one to bear,
We all have our trials,
And our things that aren't fair.
But just know, dear child
That this journey will end,
In the warm, loving arms,
Of your very best friend.

Spiritual message: Sometimes life is hard, but with some Eternal Perspective, and the help of our Savior, we can be hopeful and happy!

Love you all!
Hermana Houghton

P.S. A shout out to my devoted friend Katherine Hohne. . .I got her postcard!

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